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Hey Everyone! My family and I are planning a Florida Trip this summer and we are super excited. We are driving from Houston to Destin and I decided to just create a little list of questions to ask yourself while planning a roadtrip.

👉 What is/are your destination(s), dates of your stay and who is all going? This is the most important because this defines your experience. Is this somewhere you have been wanting to visit or want to revisit to finish exploring? Are these people that will make your trip more enjoyable? 

👉 What is your budget? You more than anyone knows your budget and what you are willing and able to spend on necessities, activities and entertainment. These are several factors that play into your overall budget. How much are you willing to spend on accommodation,gas and food. These are necessities. 
→ RoadTrippers lets you add your starting location and the locations you decide you want to visit then lets you find accommodations, attractions, food, etc. that is in-between points. You can even add a price range!

👉Where will you stay at your destination? You have so many options; camping, hostel, hotel, motel, or rental. Remember to book in advance.  I have listed some helpful websites below: 
→ HipCamp is a good website to use if you want to camp.
→ HostelWorld is a good website to use if you want to stay at a hostel.
Airbnb is a good website if you want to rent a house.

👉 What or who's vehicle will you go in? Are you taking your vehicle or are you renting? Make sure to get your vehicle serviced. Check your lights, tires, wipers, oil, etc. Make sure to take a spare tire! 

👉 What are some things you want to see on the way to and at your destination? It is a good idea to create a loose itinerary. Roadtrips can be very unpredictable. Nothing goes exactly as planned. Traffic, weather, and stops can change plans in an instant so leave wiggle room for things like this but it is nice to have an idea of things you may want to do to check off your bucket list.

Remember that Google Maps is your bestfriend. It can give you an idea of what is in-between point A and point B and an estimated time of arrival. Remember to add about 2 or 3 hours wiggle room for stops to eat or fill up on gas,  maybe snap some photos, etc. Having a playlist is also a good idea. Enjoy!



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