What's In My Suitcase | Winter in New York

In January my friends and I are planning a trip to New York. Now, I know that this is probably the coldest time to go, and I am a bit nervous because I am from Texas and cold is almost non existent. (Right now it is definitely existing, it's nice and chilly) I did some research, so New York, I am ready for you...I think. 

Keep in mind that some stuff isn't going to actually go in the suitcase, I am wearing a few items to the airport. For example the boots will go on my feet and I will also be wearing my trench coat to free up some space in the suitcase . I am just hoping it is cold the day we depart because I would definitely look very silly if it's not. Below is everything that I am taking on my trip!

2 Leggings
I am not used to the cold so of course leggings will go under my pants. Keeping my legs warm is a must! 

2 Thermal Tops
Again, when in New York one must layer up! So these tops will be my base layer to keep me warm.

4 Pants
A pair of pants for each day. Only because we won't have a washer/dryer in our apartment. 

2 Warm Sweatshirts & 1 Thin Jacket
I am sure 1 sweatshirt would do, but I packed 2 just in case. This will be my mid layer.

1 Trench Coat
My MIL got this for me and I am so glad she did. This will be my outer layer.

1 Warm Vest
I really love a nice warm vest, I hope I get to wear it. Maybe on the day we do the least walking.

4 Socks
Super warm wool socks! Keep them feet as warm as possible.

4 Underwear
Something comfy! 

1 Pair of Boots
Not hiking boots. Just regular, comfy duck boots.

1 Knit/Wool Hat
My trench coat doesn't have a hood so this will keep my head and ears warm.

1 Pair of Gloves
This is a must! If my hands freeze in the Houston cold I can only imagine how they'd feel in New York cold.

1 Scarf
Again, this is a must! 

1 Purse/Backpack
Nothing too big.

My lips get super duper chapped when it's cold. Do yours?

The cold also makes me ashy! 

Just a little bit on my face while I explore New York during the day. 

Hand Sanitizer
Yep, this is a necessity. GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE! Especially the subway. Eeeek!

I'm just taking my usual foundation, lipstick and eyeliner.

For obvious reasons...

My nose sometimes runs if the temp changes drastically and since we will be indoors and outdoors a lot, I know I'm going to need this. 

Shampoo, Conditioner, & Body Wash
Again, for obvious reason...although I am sure you can get this while your there.

Soooo that is about it. I really did try to keep it minimal but it's so hard when you don't know what to expect.

I'll update ya'll after our January trip to let ya'll know if this was perfect, too much or not enough. Wish me luck! :)


(I will be adding pictures as soon as I have everything together)

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